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How Has Law Helped Humanity


Law is otherwise known as a set of rules that have been known to govern all human beings who are a part of civilization. Laws have actually done a fantastic job at making sure that there is peace in the cities and towns. If we are talking about the United States, each state has the power to create and abolish laws as well. Each state has its own governing body. Laws are not simple, they are not easy, but you should know that they are easy to follow. Laws are there to make sure that is peace everywhere.


If you think about a couple hundred years ago, even thousands of years ago, there was no civilization. There was nothing to make sure that all of us would live in harmony. That is why there were groups of people, divided. They needed a leader to bring them together. This situation is very similar to what happens on Game Of Thrones. The ‘wildlings’ are people who lived north of the wall, and they hated each other. Each group used to fight with each other and slaughtering was very common. The king beyond the wall united them for a common cause. That is what the law does. It unites us so that we can live in harmony with one another. The United Nations has actually done a great job with this. They have made sure that all the countries in the UN stay in perfect harmony without conflict.

That’s what laws do, they make sure to help you live peacefully, and when there is conflict, laws help you resolve them. When you break laws, you will face justice. The punishments that you face will completely depend on the severity of your crime. Yes, when you break the law, it means that you have committed a crime. Criminals are actually treated harshly, and this harsh sentence will again depend on the severity of your crime. Laws are meant to keep people from harming other people and also they are meant to stop them from doing things that would otherwise harm or threaten the safety of other humans.


You can actually say laws are what make a human what he/she is. If laws did not exist, humans would not have been like this, the world would not have been so advanced, and you can easily contemplate how the world would have been. You can actually refer to the movie “The Purge”, where all crimes including murder are legal for 12 hours in a day. It would be exactly like that, except it would be the same every day and not just for 12 hours a day in a whole year. Without law, there would be chaos everywhere.